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>> captioned by the national captioning institute >> labor day mark the unofficial end of summer and time to get back to business, translating to more people on the road. aaa predicts that tomorrow will
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be the worst traffic day in months. renee joins us live from falls church to explain why. >> starting tomorrow you will have a lot of people returning to work after labor day holidays. you also have all of the students returning to school. compare that with construction projects restarting throughout the area and it will be busy. aaa has dubbed tomorrow the triple t. >> the worst gridlock in three months. >> several construction projects are getting back under way. drivers will experience lane closures for the next four weeks. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. >> speaking in milwaukee, the president explained his new plan to create jobs and keep the economy moving.
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4,000 miles of railways, 150 miles of runways, and a new air- traffic system to cut down on the leg. a $50 billion plan that the president says can be paid for without increasing the deficit. >> i will keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around and put people back to work, renewing the american dream. >> the president faces a lot of opposition. >> time for the president to face up to the fact that his summer spending spree has failed. >> many local residents except construction as a fact of life. >> part of the city. >> aaa says to brace yourself for gridlock. >> the day after labor day when everything comes home to haunt us. >> most of the traffic construction happened that night, but the reality is that in the morning you will see
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lanes that have been reduced, as well as new traffic patterns. that is the latest from falls church. >> thank you. vice-president joe biden spent his labor day holiday in ohio, teaming up with ted strickland for the annual parade. he greeted people around the route and posed for pictures. his second trip there in two weeks, the governor is campaigning for reelection. >> the proposed ground zero center mosque has become the focal point for anti-muslim sentiment as the anniversary of the september 11 attack in years -- nears. meanwhile, anti-moscow protests are scheduled for saturday. a small church in florida is planning to burn korans in a ceremony. >> how could you possibly want to build a mosque and dance on
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the graves of the children lost on 9/11? >> mosques around the country are beefing up security. some of the muslim groups are purchasing advertising time to quell the anxiety, others are planning to do community service to show their patriotism. >> a group of firefighters have embarked on a journey to commemorate september 11. some of them lost family members in the attacks, others simply felt compelled to participate. it began in los angeles and it will end in new york city. >> tony blair is canceling a planned book signing in london only days after protests. on saturday, demonstrators opposed to him clashed with police in ireland, throwing eggs and shoes at the former prime minister as he went into a book signing. protesters also planned to pick
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it an event in london. tony blair says he does not want to inconvenience the public or put a strain on police resources. >> a growing safety alert on one of the largest local college campuses. students were taught -- attack in three cases outside the college park campus. four men robbed a student that was walking alone, reportedly trying to punch the student while trying to take his wallet. >> is frustrating, especially for the new students to come back and not know what was going on. >> authorities arrested a 22- year-old and a 15-year-old, and a warrant has been issued for a man from northwest. authorities will not say visa's -- these incidents are all connected. >> tonight was the kickoff in the capital with virginia tech facing off against boise state. in addition to the holiday
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traffic, expect more on the rails and roads as people leave the game. we have more on the expected impact of the mass exodus. >> indeed. when those 90,000 fans leave fedex field behind me, as this game and very soon, it is sure to be a mess, but truly an extraordinary day of football and fun. >> do we have enough for us? >> known for this, the tailgating is legendary. >> this is the day that we on our hard work with a day off, tens of thousands of people came from across the country. coming to set up a memorable meal before a big game played in an extraordinary met -- venue. >> we have been selling. >> she could not be more proud of her banquet. >> we are everywhere and we love
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it. >> fed ex. field in maryland, home of the washington redskins, transformed into a college campus on monday. virginia tech, opening their season against the boise state broncos. they sold out nationally televised game with championship invocations. >> it is a big deal. >> before anyone tosses a pig skin, there is the tailgating. a chance to break bread while celebrating a common passion. >> a good day to be with your friends and cheer the team. >> just in case they cannot win, they got a caravan living by a time tested model. >> we never lose a tailgate. >> on a good note, metro will be
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open one hour late to accommodate the fans, but be aware, five red line stations are presently closed. there are delays because of security upgrades at those particular stations, but they are expected to be open in time for the tuesday morning commute. tim will have more coming up in sports. >> good deal, the game is expected to be a barn burner. >> barn burner. >> but there is nothing burning tonight, it is cool. >> mild days ahead, but it will get a bit warmer? >> nothing like what we have had. take a look at the hourly and how things will be shaping up as we go through the day. 90 degrees, comfortable. in the meantime we are heading into these prime time's for tropical storm season.
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going should -- going ashore south of brownsville, you can see some heavy rain down there. the one thing that we could use, in a way, for the week ahead, is some rain. here are your headlines, back to work and back to school, it will be a warmer day. is there any rain at all? i will tell you all about that in two minutes. >> coming up, another storm is brewing, mexico is feeling the effect. we have the latest for you. >> dozens of resources perished in an incredible blaze. >> first, the spider strikes again. we will take you to this rookie team on rival television we will take you to this rookie team on rival television
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>> a fast-moving fire terrorist
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raid on the house resources. >> at the charles town races in west virginia. by the time the fire was out, 27 horses were dead. >> they spotted the flames on the way home to woodbridge after a night of poker at the nearby hollywood casino. >> you cannot get down there. it is too hot. >> they captured of all, from the blazing horse barn to the couples desperate attempts to save the horses trapped inside. >> there were other forces and how we could help. >> the couple went from barn to barn, coaxing the animals to safety. >> i felt like my shoes were going to melt. it was panic. >> in the end, there was not a tough time. >> you have got to go.
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>> in all, 27 forces died. >> there was no chance. >> the 26 horses that they were able to save walked on the level, as well as four tiny kitchens came out to say thank you. >> we were supposed to be there. >> fire officials estimate that the barn suffered $1.2 million in damage. investigators say that at this point they have a lot of questions for a lot of people. >> coming out, details about today's hostage situation in georgia. >> authorities struggle to rescue a teenager struck -- stuck in a raging river. that story and chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. they're juicier. more colorful. they're perfect. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables, at prices u'll love. this week, enjoy whole seedless watermelon, $3.88 each, and select summer fruits, 2 for $4. my grandfather would be very proud, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card. >> a former soldier that held hostages for hours at a georgian army base is in custody.
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the unidentified man carried four guns into the army hospital and demanded behavioral health care, taking three nurses hostage. one of them, a psychiatric nurse, talk the man into letting them go. no one was hurt and he surrendered without incident. >> new tonight, san francisco, a man known to police as spider- man began to climb the millennium tower. he has climbed several of the nation's tallest buildings using only such an cups. he was arrested at the top. >> a dramatic rescue in southern california was caught on tape, a 19-year-old was stopped on a rock. apparently he was so tired from trying to get to safety, he was not able to help rescuers held him. he was not hurt.
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in colorado a wild fire has destroyed a handful homes, forcing the evacuation of 400 others. the blaze broke out in boulder, colorado, heavy smoke is causing low visibility. the wind tunnel has grounded two heavy air tankers that could have helped to fight the blaze. cut -- >> the coast guard is in possession of the 50 foot, 300 ton device in the gulf of mexico, expected to be analyzed in louisiana. the blowout preventer will be investigated in relation to bp. there is no word on the delay. >> yet another storm is making headlines tonight, a tropical storm hermine has made landfall. thousands are being evacuated, massive flooding has already begun.
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officials in southern texas are already distributing the sandbags. warning about possible flash flooding. flax is now ashore and it is producing some pretty heavy rain, tapping into the weather but networks in texas, we can take you around the country. look at the amount of rain and temperatures right now. wind gusts in the last few minutes, south padre island in brownsville. looking at the rainfall, over 2.5 inches, it might get up to 9 inches in some spots, over 50 miles per hour in wind gusts. the temperature right now is 75 degrees and the rainfall is well over 1 inch. here's how it looks from the regional radar. here is where the waves are. remember when we had the hurricane last week? 20 foot to 30 foot seas in the
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atlantic, there are some strong waves but fortunately nothing around the new orleans area or in the central gulf, where they still have to deal with that terrible oil spill. just having come ashore, moving towards the north northwest, it will follow a track through texas, spreading some mighty rainfall through the heart of texas. tomorrow more flooding could be possible. in the heart of the atlantic, d.c. that? that is what is left but it might get stronger. there is a tropical storm right now that is continuing to move into texas. all of that is not coming our way, nor is there any sign of any real moisture coming our way. the dewpoint, over the last 12 hours you can see some showers in florida. there is that circulation. for much of the east coast it is
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still a dry pattern, a beachfront coming through to was on wednesday, not doing much of anything at all. when you go back to school tomorrow morning, it will be comfortable with temperatures in the mid-60's. in the suburbs you might wake up in the high 50's. a rather comfortable 90 degrees tomorrow with the reasonable humidity, south southwest winds. after that, no sign of any of that leftover moisture. what is left of the storm will be moving into texas and oklahoma, not coming to the east. as we get later to the week, more showers on sunday but we are in a dry pattern, two weeks without any rain. texas, 10 inches of rain from tropical storm. texas, 10 inches of rain from tropical storm.
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region more of the unofficial end of summer. great entertainment from thousands in gaithersburg, the event featured police, fire trucks, marching bands, and a coin toss with a town logo on the side. a good time was had by all. >> a rare gaithersburg coin. >> is that rare? >> yes. >> we have got collectors' items today. the nationals had a young superstar worth the price of admission, but college football have everyone talking tonight. it is all comi
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>> any time that maryland and navy get together, it is wild. they call it the gravel in baltimore, for clock tick, finding a little bit of running room, they take it in, jumping in 14-0 in the fourth -- fourth quarter, but in the second quarter on trade bird gets to the outside with a bang will --
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bingo touchdown. following the fall back, he is stone and to the door is shut. the church beats navy, 17-14. >> you will not believe it, but we discussed that way, that defense that we wanted, we knew that they were going to run that play, they had been so successful doing it. they showed what it takes to win a football game. >> in the meantime they fought back from the third of the night to give the whole key is the first leave. t. j. harper, look at the big fellow ramble into the secondary. 71 yards, 46-21, broncos. fourth out of five for the hopis, 28 yards, 30-26, late in
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the fourth quarter but boise has the ball, driving with just over one minute to play. going downtown for baseball fans, might more takes his sit back up the middle, scoring easily to break up the tide. bottom of the sixth, 8-3, look at the rookie in the upper decks, the second homer was a grand slam. what a week he has had. a pie in the face? welcome to the big leagues. tiger woods continued to climb the leader board, and this is his birdie on the 15th hole, like it had eyes. this day belonged to charlie hoffman, winning the deutsche bank championship by five shots at 22 under par.
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the ravens signed a new wide receiver, the jets finally made an agreement for the $32 million guaranteed in houston, texas. 32-30, boise state. >> good
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[ laughing ] hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? >> the heat returns? >> a little bit, but it will be comfortable. temperatures around the area tomorrow will be 90 degrees when you head out. not bad at all. by early tomorrow morning there will be many stops in to the 50 cost in the valley. by the afternoon, near to 90 degrees and a few clouds on
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wednesday, a bit cooler. a nice time of year. >> good for waiting at the bus stop. thank you for joining us, folks. >> have a great night. >> [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run!
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